Our Policy

The Waffle Way Catering Packages Booking and Cancellation Policy


Reservation and Deposit

At The Waffle Way, we are committed to making your events memorable with our unique catering packages, featuring our delectable waffles on a stick. When you book a date with us, you are securing an exclusive slot for your event, which means we may decline other inquiries to ensure our presence at your occasion. In recognition of this commitment, please note the following terms regarding deposits:

  • All deposits are final. To confirm your booking, a deposit is required. This deposit is non-refundable as it secures your event date, allowing us to allocate the necessary resources and preparations specific to your booking.
  • Flexibility for changes. We understand that plans can change. Although the deposit is non-refundable, we offer flexibility should you need to postpone your event or prefer to use our services in a different capacity. The deposit can be applied to:
    • A new event date, subject to availability. We will work with you to find a suitable alternative date for your event.
    • Delivery services for our products. If an event cannot proceed as planned, you have the option to use the deposit value towards enjoying our delicious waffles in the comfort of your chosen location, within our delivery areas.

Venue Approval and Changes

  • Venue permission is crucial. Ensure the venue permits our catering services. It is your responsibility to verify this in advance.
  • Venue change fee. A $50 fee applies for venue changes to cover additional logistical planning.


By booking with The Waffle Way, you agree to these terms, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding. This policy is designed to protect both our customers and our business, enabling us to provide exceptional service.